A Tad On Me...

Born and raised on Cape Breton Island, Liam Alexander MacDonald is a 22-year-old filmmaker with skills in producing, cinematography, directing, writing and editing. As an only child, Liam experimented with creating images to entertain himself and annoy others from a young age. Coming from a family of storytellers, writers, musicians and comedians, it was a shoo-in that Liam would follow a similar path. His notable relatives include his father and fiddler Dougie MacDonald, Howie MacDonald, Goiridh Dòmhnullach and a few others. 
In 2020, Liam graduated from the NSCC Screen Arts program and became a member of Cape Breton Film Inc. He has learned from and collaborated with Nova Scotia's best such as filmmaker/instructor Janet Hawkwood, Patrick Lanctot (Editor/DOP, Spectra71), Tom Ryan (award-winning author) and James Ryan (experienced Gaffer). He continues to collaborate with small businesses and artists throughout the province to create advertisements, short films and music videos.
As always, Liam's focus remains on people and their relationships with Cape Breton Island, captured through documentary film, which resulted in his early works becoming recognized nationally. Currently, Liam resides and freelances in the city of Halifax. He is planning his next documentary scheduled for 2021 and finishing up work as a video editor for the Nova Scotia Government. In the future, Liam hopes to continue his expansion into the world of storytelling! 

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Jenny (Cape Breton Film) (2021), Camera Operator/1st AC

The Broken Ground (2021) (Documentary), Director/Writer

Ages Ago: Inverness Miners Museum (2021), Director/WriterA

The Town Heroes: Fuse (Music Video) (2020), B Cam

Broad Cove Concert: Highlights of the Past (2020), Editor

Voodoo Sometimes: Hummingbird's Vice (2020), Director

Grown Up (2020), Director of Photography

The Annual Broad Cove Concert (2019), Director

Paddy's Passion (2018), Director/Editor/Camera

Woolies (2017), Director/Editor/Camera



Office of Gaelic Affairs N.S.

Cape Breton Film Inc.


Broad Cove Scottish Concert

The Opulent Alpaca

Voodoo Sometimes

Glamping Off the Beaton Path

Inverness Miners Museum